Euroarce Navas de Oro

Potassium feldspar is obtained in a feldspathic sands deposit located in Navas de Oro (Segovia, Spain) which was acquired by Euroarce in 1994. This site from wind comes from the decomposition of solid granite of the Sierra de Guadarrama near Madrid, one of the largest in the continent.

The variety of feldspar from the feldspar sand is made by the flotation method. A first cut at 600µ and the elimination of the clay particles below 100µ, with the addition of the appropriate chemical reagents, the separation of feldspar fraction contained in quartz sand.

Subsequent washing removes any traces of these reagents, which guarantees the neutrality of the rheological properties when used in the pulping liquid for slip. The resulting product was dried and subjected to a process of high intensity magnetic separation for removal of paramagnetic minerals.

As a result of this process are obtained silica sand character with a SiO 2 content higher than 96%, with secondary processes of granulometric, produce different products with a wide range of particle sizes. From here and obtained by chemical treatment arenas suitable for industrial processes that require specific characteristics.

Euroarce site Navas de Oro