Klinker tile

High temperature extruded Klinker tile, both natural and glazed, is a product with high technical requirements, high quality and strength, very suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our quarries at Santolea and Oliete show significant amounts of clay which suits well this type of product. In fact, many of the companies specializing in these products are installed in the Teruel area because of the existence of these clays.

Its main feature is a high content of Al2O3 (25-32%) and fluxes (K2O + Na2O + MgO: 2.5%-3.5%) This helps to obtain a very low water absorption, high mechanical strength... at temperatures substantially lower than the traditional Klinker (1180-1220ºC against 1300ºC). There is a wide colour range due to the different Fe2O3, from 2% in white products up to 8%.

Some of our clays, after a calcination process over 1300º in our rotary kiln become chamottes helping to the dimensional stability of the bodies for extrusion.

Euroarce klinker tiles
Euroarce klinker tiles