Spray-dried bodies

We have different types of compositions intended to produce monoporosa tiles, stoneware and porcelain, all adapted to the needs of our customers. Euroarce, according to the current market situation of the ceramic industry, devotes extensive efforts to develop new products as well as the optimization of production processes, in order to offer to our customers the best technical solutions at the most competitive terms possible . Everything supported with the back up of mineral resources as large as ours.

We can offer products valid for any glazing, from rustic to glossy, and always with the best value for money.

The largest number of references for spray-dried bodies corresponds to the products for the manufacture of glazed porcelain tiles. Covering a wide range of whiteness (L) between 64 and 73 points, with operating temperatures between 1.180oC and 1.200oC, meeting the normative requirements of water absorption, and linear shrinkage between 7.0% and 7.5%. We can offer products for both models producing a rustic finish to make models in glossy "false polished," all with a value for money and an excellent record in the market.