Clays for bodies

From our quarries located in Teruel and Zamora we extract, control and process a large number of clays that for their different characteristics in whiteness, plasticity and melting are intended for the manufacture of spray-dried compositions of wall, floor and klinker tiles.

We have on-site labs, where we analyze the product at all stages of the mining process:

1) On the surveys and at the new mineral resources in study.

2) On the qualities extracted and tested day to day.

3) On the final product obtained after mixing the appropriate components in the right proportions to achieve the characteristics required by our customers.

This system of work, together with the many quarries owned, allow us to be the only ones able to offer a full range of clays, from 23% to 29% of Al2O3, with organic matter content and Fe2O2 suitable for introduction in glazed porcelanatto and wall tile bodies in order to provide plasticity, compactness and fusibility.

We also have special high plasticity clays (I. Pfefferkorn = 45%) that have been previously washed and introduced in small percentages in the spray-dried compositions for higher strength and fusibility.

Clays of montmorillonite origin are recommended to improve workability and avoid cracks in the manufacturing by extrusion.