Potassium feldspars

Our K-feldspar, with contents close to 11% of K2O and 17% Al2O3, is obtained after a differential flotation and washing to give it great homogeneity.

Its main applications are ceramic tiles:

Euroarce Potassium feldspars

1) Ceramic bodies extruded or spray-dried:

a. Its transparency and low chromosphore oxide content (Fe2O3 = 0.12% and TiO2 = 0.02%) make it ideal for improving the performance of colored ceramic compositions.

b. It allows a wider range of cooking, reducing dimensional stability.

2) Frits and glazes:

a. The chemical stability of these feldspars guaranteed by the manufacturing process makes them suitable for use in the production of frits and ceramic glazes.

b. This product is subject to a special washing process that prevents foaming and rheological problems in glazes.