Clays for engobes and glazes

The vast experience accumulated over years in the preparation of clays for ceramic glazes and engobes as well as the widespread availability of sources of our raw materials, makes Euroarce a very reliable supplier in this field.

Our references include a full range of plasticity and whiteness that our customers need in their applications, and applications, achieving their objectives of finished product such as cooking cycle, water flow, brighteness, etc.. All with a level high surface quality.

Stability is the main axis on which to settle our clay, all guaranteed by our laboratories for control and development of new products, which are also able to offer new standards adapted to the technical and economic criteria that the market demands.

Our clays for slips / glazes cover a range of Pfefferkorn plasticity ranging from 27% to 35% with a range of alumina between 27% and 31%, with values of Fe2O3 below 1%. Slips and glazes where these clays take part of have rheological properties and optimal plasticity in its various forms of application (bell, double disc, airless, etc.), making the technical task easier.

They are very white firing clays with consequent savings in opacifiers such as zirconium silicate.

We have experience in supplying bulk clays on pressurized tank or dump truck, as our clients obtain cost savings, but we can also supply bags if needed.