Our clays are specifically studied to be used both in Vitreous China and Fine fire clay, and in both traditional casting systems and in medium-high pressure.

These are special clays whose components have been selected to be used in this sector and passing through mixing, washing, screening, and drying.

This homogenization process fully guarantees their chemical and mineralogical composition and grain size level.

Euroarce Sanytaryware Sector Pile

Normally, they are offered in the form of pellets with a maximum humidity of 12%. Clays have low, medium and high plasticity, characterized by the following particle size distribution:

  • 40-43% < 0,5 µ
  • 84-86% < 10,0 µ

Their mineralogy and granulometry allow optimal thickness and draining times.

All these clays have an optimal "workability" and modulus of rupture between 60 and 120kg/cm2.

Euroarce Sanytaryware Sector

The range of products for the sanitaryware products include: